TimeBlazr® Kickstarter Membership


Included in the TimeBlazr® Kickstarter Membership is:

  • 12-Months of personalized TimeBlazr® Software ($408 value)
    • Personalized Year, Month & Daily/Hour View to best:
      • Launch Campaigns, Submit Proposals/Negotiate, Sign Contracts, Marketing, Forge Partnerships, Begin a Job/Client, Accounts Receivable, Move, Sell Property/Business, No Meetings
      • Advances Personalized filters: Wealth & Creation Dates, 
      • Personalized Wellness Dates (Getting a vaccine? Make sure you get yours on a date & time that vibrationally benefits you!) 
      • Best days for helpful people, intelligence, travel, sales and even dating!
  • *New Feature this year: Beta TimeBlazr® App for all your timing needs on the go!
  • Prep-Setup livestream* workshops – hands on overlay of 3 annual compass dials** and how to best set your space up for success using 2021 Feng Shui, Flying Star and  Universal Gateway™ ($1,979 value)
  • Livestream* TimeBlazr® navigating the system to achieve your goals ($497 Value)
  • Livestream* Goal Setting workshop, set your goals based on your 2021 Astrological Potential ($449)
  • January 2021 Monthly Mastermind ($330 Value)
  • Planning for a successful February 2021
  • Kathleen’s February predictions
  • Hand picked favorite dates in February & dates to take caution
  • February Feng Shui activations to keep your space vibrant
  • February Universal Gateway™ dates to help you manifest your goals


* All workshops recommended to do live, replays is available on TimeBlazr® membership portal

** Use an accurate floor plan for best results

***All sales are final. No refunds.