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Join Kathleen Zemansky and Jim Chong as he shares the cultural aspects of growing up in a Chinese household practicing daily Feng Shui. Yet over time, Jimmy had to learn how to separate old wives’ tales from classical Feng Shui applications and interpretations to one’s life.

Also during this episode, Kathleen will ask Jimmy for his birth date information and will perform a live mini-astrology reading. Listeners will learn about the key factors of one’s birth information – year, month, day and hour – that influence one’s life in many areas and act as guidance towards a successful business and life.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Guest Bio:

Jim T. Chong is a Master Emcee and professional speaker, a licensed financial professional, and the founder of Solutions4Life, the Wok Star, and a radio personality in the Greater Sacramento area on MONEY 1055FM as the Wok Star on “Rush Hour For Success”. Jim is actively involved and is on the Executive Team of several established non-profit and cause-based communities and organizations in his local area. He is also a published best selling contributing author, media coverage reporter/writer, Happy Neighborhood Project Ambassador, financial specialist for Advance Financial Solutions and an advocate for senior benefits.