Business Astrology

Are you struggling in your business because:

  • You doubt your business direction?
  • Your efforts aren’t resulting in money?
  • You’re procrastinating and aren’t sure why?
  • You’ve lost your passion for your business?
  • You spend too much time doing what you don’t want to be doing?
  • Your personal life is sucking energy from your business (or vice versa)?
  • When you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t even know what you really want?

I can help you with that.

The truth is, whether you struggle or succeed in business depends on your alignment with yourself. You were born with a Business DNA. It’s your birthright to understand who you are, and use that knowledge to create a successful business that’s uniquely yours.

Chinese Astrology can help you do that. It’s a tremendously sophisticated form of personal and career mapping that reveals how to align your true nature with your business so you are playing to your strengths and highest potential.

Why wing it, when you were born with a unique birth map?

With a 5 Elements Business Astrology reading, you’ll discover:

  • A Clear, Big-Picture Direction For Your Business
  • Your Relationship to Wealth and how to position yourself to invite prosperity and abundance.
  • Your Best Role in Your Business to maximize the value of your talents and gifts.
  • Whether You’re Best Solo or in partnership.
  • The Right Time to Make Big Moves so you know whether to forge forward with your big idea or hold off while you do some R&D.
  • How to Dramatically Enhance Your Working Relationships with partners, vendors and even clients.
  • Immediate Action Steps You Can Take to be happier and more effective right now!