TimeBlazr® Pro Membership


  • 12-Months of personalized TimeBlazr® Software
    • Personalized Year, Month & Daily/Hour View to best:
      • Launch Campaigns, Submit Proposals/Negotiate, Sign Contracts, Marketing, Forge Partnerships, Begin a Job/Client, Accounts Receivable, Move, Sell Property/Business, No Meetings
      • Advances Personalized filters: Wealth & Creation Dates, 
      • Personalized Wellness Dates (Getting a vaccine? Make sure you get yours on a date & time that vibrationally benefits you!) 
      • Best days for helpful people, intelligence, travel, sales and even dating!
  • Prep-Setup livestream* workshops – hands on overlay of annual compass dials** and how to best set your space up for success using 2024 Feng Shui
  • Livestream* TimeBlazr® navigating the system to achieve your goals 
  • Livestream* Goal Setting workshop – set your 5-10 year goals based on your  Astrological Potential 
  • 60 minute Strategic Astrological Business Planning Session 2024

* All workshops recommended to do live

** Use an accurate floor plan for best results

***All private sessions must be complete before May 25, 2024, no rollovers from previous years or refunds. This portion of your package expires 05.25.2024